As the legal industry worldwide navigates the challenges brought on by the rapid spread of COVID-19, law firms have been upended by the pandemic. Firms are cutting jobs and overhauling summer associate programs — while some specialties are heating up.

The legal implications of the crisis are becoming more apparent as it unfolds. Our clients and the South African community has been putting measures in place to contain its spread.

When an epidemic like coronavirus hits the world, judges, courts and law firms are not exempt from infection.

Therefore, we have listed how employees and employers can best prepare for returning to the office space as lockdown restrictions are eased.

For Employees

  • Avoid close contact
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Clean your hands
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Cover your mouth and nose
  • Practice other good health habits
  • Follow government recommendations for using a facemask

For Employers

  • Determine whether flexible working as an option
  • Create employee communications plan
  • Decide how to handle spikes in absenteeism
  • Make a business continuity plan
  • Ensure that your sick leave policies are flexible:
  • Create workplace hygiene program

First and most importantly, it is vital to keep up to date with the latest developments on the virus from the South African resource portal and your state and local health departments. It is also important to follow any directives from relevant state and local authorities on precautions and protocols to take in your area.

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